KI NO BI Gin - 70cl - 45.7% ABV


Conceived by seasoned whisky exporters David Croll and Marcin Miller and created by former Cotswolds & Chase distiller Alex Davies, KI NO BI was never intended to be a classic gin. Rather, it was designed to wave the Japanese flag with pride, plucking the tastes of the Kyoto Prefecture (and farther afield) fresh from the trees and preserving them in rice spirit to share with the world.

A deep, resinous juniper rises up out of the glass, accompanied by bright, lemony yuzu that's as fresh and zesty as if you were breaking into the skin yourself. The citrus seizes the tongue, conspiring with the wood to add a rich and viscous mouth feel, while sansho pepper kicks in at the back, creating a fire in the mouth that warms, rather than burns.

In a Martini it's slick and smooth, while in a G&T it's a burst of sherbet and a long, tall remedy to a hot day. Serve with a handful of juniper berries and an Indian tonic.



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