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KI NO BI Gin - 70cl - 45.7% ABV


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KI NO BI proudly proclaims itself to be Japan’s first Craft Gin, and while it is indeed a Japan-made product ripe with local flavours, the team behind it are firmly anchored in European distilling. Conceived by Whisky industry bods David Cross and Marcin Miller and distilled by ex-Cotswolds distiller Alex Davies,  KI NO BI Gin is an absolutely wonderful gin, delicious with tonic but divine in a G&T.

With bright yuzu and deep tea notes,  KI NO BI Gin is a wonderful celebration of Japanese culture and flavours. The citrus is bright and bold, as fresh and zesty as if you breaking into the skin yourself. Sansho pepper brings a bright fire, while red shiso and bamboo leaf bring a strange fruity/floral medley. It’s absolutely wonderful and absolutely strange, yet despite this juniper remains a dominant force, filling the mouth with such a deep, waxy pine you feel as though you could chew on it. What a delight.

To serve: This one really requires no garnish, but you could sweeten it up with some orange.