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Hills & Harbour Dry Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


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Hills & Harbour Gin, a grain to glass slice of liquid magic that we fell instantly in love with upon first sip. This is a gin that channels its home perfectly, with the hills and harbour (aha!) that surrounds the distillery plundered like a pantry.

For those not in the know, grain to glass means that the makers behind Hills & Harbour, Crafty Distillery, are involved in every single step of the gin's process. Whilst the majority of distilleries buy in a neutral spirit upon which to build their gin, this team make their very own. It's a vastly time consuming and expensive endeavour, but it makes such a difference to the end gin that it's more than worth it, with character bursting out of the spirit before it's even met a juniper berry.

No corners have been cut at all, here, with Crafty Distillery well and truly living up to their name. Everything, from bottles to labels to production, has been thought of with the  environment with mind, and such is founder Graham Taylor's love of the land that the tasting room set up is nothing short of a love letter, offering panoramic views of it's beautiful Galloway surrounds.

This is a gin with a strong punch. You  really don't need a garnish to help it along, it shines through a tonic all of its own accord, offering a rich, fruity, herbaceous and piny palate. Fir trees and seaweed combine, rather than clash, bringing a product that is a perfect blend of land and sea.