Hernö London Dry Gin - 50cl - 40.5% ABV


Hernö London Dry Gin - 50cl - 40.5% ABV

Hernö Distillery has so many trophies attached to its name that even the most fair-weather Gin fans are starting to feel a magnetic pull. The gins it produces are truly exceptional, each capturing the whisper of the wind's that surround their Swedish home, with locally picked ingredients providing a beautiful companion to that juniper core. Basically, as far as we're concerned, everything they touch turns to gold and we're well and truly in love.

Hernö Gin – the flagship in the range – is made with all-natural, organic ingredients. It's smooth enough to sip neat, but it really sings in a G&T. Traditional Gin botanicals form the undercurrent here, but they're joined by a strange trio: vanilla, meadowsweet and lingon berries, which combine to form a slick, sweet floral touch with a huge, rich mouthfeel.

This is piney as the forest floor after a good rain and bright as a button, with zesty lemon lasting long into the finish. It's as close to perfection as Gin comes, so if you're looking for a new favourite… well, you've found it.

To serve: Bring out those floral notes whilst keeping the flowers alive with some rosemary.

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