Hernö London Dry Gin - 50cl - 40.5% ABV


Hernö was a project waiting to happen. Based in the village of Dala, near the City of Härnösand, Jon Hillgren had discussed his passionate dream for a gin distillery with friends for many years before finally making it all a reality when he ordered and received a German copper pot still in May 2012. Kierstin is her name and at 250 Litres she is a small batch beauty, but oh boy does she deliver.

Hernö London Dry Gin -

On the nose, Hernö Gin has a piney, even floral air. With hints of citrus and coriander, there is a clear juniper twang complimented by a leafy floral note. To taste, this gin is first and foremost lead by this lovely freshness, which lingers in the mouth long after the gin has disappeared. Juniper is carried on, with some sweetness and lots of zesty lemon and citrus. More spice comes through towards the end, leading on to a peppery, piney and long finish.

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