Hernö Blackcurrant Gin - 50cl - 28% ABV


Hernö was a project waiting to happen. Based in the village of Dala, near the City of Härnösand, Jon Hillgren had discussed his passionate dream for a gin distillery with friends for many years before finally making it all a reality when he ordered and received a German copper pot still in May 2012. Kierstin is her name and at 250 Litres she is a small batch beauty, but oh boy does she deliver.

Hernö Blackcurrant Gin

In the summer of 2013, Hernö launched a ‘Blackcurrant Gin’ in a limited range of 588 bottles, which quickly sold out. Bucketfuls of blackcurrants are macerated in Hernö Gin, with honey swirled into the blend to take away the bitterness and provide a sweeter edge. This seasonal blend appears to have become a regular fixture in the Hernö lineup, which isn’t too great a surprise, given its popularity.

Bottled at 28% ABV, the unusual fact about Hernö Blackcurrant Gin is that it’s not overly sweet. It’s not a Fruit Cup, nor is it like a Sloe Gin. The London Dry base has been infused with whole berries but they’ve made sure that enough Hernö character comes through. It’s a nice addition to the cabinet for those looking to super-charge a Bramble cocktail (use 25ml Blackcurrant / 25ml with their London Dry) or add as a base to a champagne fizz. The Hernö Blackcurrant Gin is a good first foray into the world of fruit gins from the distillery and no doubt, it will not be their last.

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