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Hepple Gin - 70cl - 45% ABV


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One of the great Martini gins, Hepple have managed to capture wild juniper so fully and faithfully it literally comes as alive in the glass as it is in the moorland breeze.

The Hepple story started in one of England’s last wild sanctuaries - the remote moors of Northumberland. They take a different approach to gin making and combine three techniques together to create a juniper explosion in a glass and in doing so, an outrageously good gin for a Dry Martini. 

To make it the begin how most other gins - some botanicals are placed in a copper still and undergo a traditional one-shot run where only the hearts are kept. Separately, they then place hand-picked green juniper from Hepple in a vacuum still to draw out the vibrant freshness of the young berries. Lastly, using intense pressures of supercritical extraction in a system usually reserved for fine perfumes, they distil the pure essence of juniper berries – adding yet another layer and depth to the flavour.

Combining these three distillates creates their “Triple Technique” Hepple ‘High Fidelity’ Gin.