Hayman's Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


Hayman’s Distillery has recently relocated back to its original home, London, and has landed in the capital with a bang, launching a campaign to protect the integrity of gin by ensuring that juniper remains the dominant force. They want you to stick to the good stuff and avoid the glitter. Who can blame them?

Their entire range is as classic as they come, but that doesn't mean they're ever boring. Yes, it's Gin as Gin should be, but each carries their own stamp and accent, and each is the perfect example of what the subcategory should be, from their London Dry to their Old Tom to their Sloe Gin.

Amongst our favourites in the range is Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin, a Navy Strength edition that is, in typical Navy Strength style, the real lout of the pack. Bottled at 57.5%, this was one of the first high strength gins to emerge from the modern gin scene, and it came about as a result of bartenders seeking the necessities to make old drinks. The Hayman’s team are blessed with a strong archive, so they delved into their own history books for this recipe.

The resulting gin has an enormous botanical intensity, with each ingredients seeming to seize the tongue in a vice like grip, leaving a waxy coating that lasts long into the night. Despite the high ABV its surprisingly smooths, only picking up heat at the last second, when the spiced botanicals push the woody juniper out of the way to have their moment in the spotlight.

To serve: Keep up the scurvy-quashing with some classic tonic and a lime wedge.