Hayman's Old Tom Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Hayman’s Distillery has recently relocated back to its original home, London, and has landed in the capital with a bang, launching a campaign to protect the integrity of gin by ensuring that juniper remains the dominant force. They want you to stick to the good stuff and avoid the glitter. Who can blame them?

Their entire range is as classic as they come, but that doesn't mean they're ever boring. Yes, it's Gin as Gin should be, but each carries their own stamp and accent, and each is the perfect example of what the subcategory should be, from their London Dry to their Old Tom to their Navy Strength.

While Old Tom Gin may be a fairly common sight these days, back when Hayman’s released this, it was one of only two in the world (the second was American). Released to answer the cries of barmen calling out for old school ingredients, Hayman’s Old Tom is a sweet, botanically intense take on gin that works just as well in a G&T as it does in an old classic cocktail (the sweeter the better).

Hayman’s Old Tom Gin has sweet splashes of almond and candied citrus, with a gingery, herbal spiciness purring quietly in its depths. Liquorice is the dominant force here, however, bringing a thick, honeyed sweetness that shines throughout the sip. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a standard bearer for Old Tom Gins, and if you want a classic example, look no further.

To serve: If you’re going for a G&T, dress it up with a sliver of lemon.