Hayman's Garden Cup - 70cl - 31% ABV


Hayman's Distillery has recently relocated back to its original home, London, and has landed in the capital with a bang, launching campaigns to protect the integrity of gin by ensuring that juniper remains the dominant force, created one of the best Liqueurs in the business and innovation after innovation in the past 12 months. 

This is their new offering, a modern take on an old style of drink, synonymous with the capital.

Batch produced following the long English tradition of Fruit Cups. the True English Garden Cup contains all the fragrant, perfumed and delicate orchard notes of English summertime.

Soft citrus greet the nose followed by a juicy, generous mouthfeel redolent of freshly peeled peach, with a delicate spiced and vinous finish. Linger a little and you'll notice the gentile note s of rose and elderflower too - this is a complex sipper!

This limited edition is exclusive to Gin Kiosk and Hayman's Gin, with a small number released for the summer of 2019.

We recommend serving it with Fever Tree Lemonade, a sprig of mint and a slice of ripe peach for the perfect summer time tipple! Alternatively, make a pitcher by adding it with all of your favourite summer fruits (strawberries, cucumber, peach & mint make for an amazing combo), lots of ice and share it in the garden sunshine...