Greensand Ridge Raspberry Ghost - 70cl - 40% ABV


Ghost captures the flavour of delicious Kentish raspberries at the peak of their aromatic ripeness. This is an elegant Eaux de Vie, not a sickly sweet raspberry liqueur. A delicate raspberry aroma, an autumn raspberry on a misty morning. As you sip, the flavour builds and develops with a surprising length to the finish.

They begin this labor intensive spirit by fermenting rasperries to develop complex aromatic compounds and produce alcohol for later distillation. At the same time they infuse more berries in wheat spirit and then they combine these together and distill the lot in their beautiful copper pot still. Surplus fruit from local farms distilled with 100% renewable energy, this really is a drink that makes a difference.  

Greensand Ridge has been awarded the most sustainable distillery many years running.