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Ginvent Calendar 2019


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For Gin Kiosk purchases only, each Ginvent calendar will come with 2 cans of Merchant's Heart Tonic.

Gin Foundry's Ginvent Calendar was the first of its kind and is, in our humble opinion, one of the finest inventions of the 21st Century. Merging the bright-eyed tradition of childhood December mornings with the adult passion for sipping the finest spirits, the Ginvent Calendar is a nostalgically festive adventure through the world of Gin.

It’s more than just that, though; The Ginvent Calendar is a 24-door snapshot of the entire Gin category. Each day you will open the door to reveal a beautifully made craft gin contained in a handmade 30ml wax-sealed dram. On a fair few days you’ll be privy to some calendar-only releases too, made by some of the country’s greatest distilleries.

Collaboration is the name of the game for Gin Foundry, so there are always a handful of exciting one offs but this year they've taken it to a whole new level!

This year they’re doing things a little bit differently elsewhere as well. Firstly, only 2500 calendars are going to be made, cutting these winter elves' production by half. The reason for doing so is simple - a focus on hard to find producers, limited runs. Being able to cap the amount allows for these small artisans to create something exclusive for the calendar and for Gin Foundry to help create a wealth of content so that drinkers can find out more about every drop they are sipping on.

It’s also completely and utterly beautiful – a real departure in design from previous years, celebrating travel and adventure. Ginvent is a curated journey, through styles of Gin, through counties and countries, and Gin Foundry really wanted to convey that in every way possible.

We know it’s going to sell out before December, so if pre-ordering is your style, get to it!

SPOILER ALERT - Many don't want to know the contents so we have to keep it out of sight on this page. However, if like us, you want to know which Gins are in Ginvent 2019 to see just how amazing it is for yourself, you can find out by clicking HERE.

Don't forget there will also be a Ginvent Pop-Up in the last week of November at 230 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LJ - more information on that soon!

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