Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin - 70cl - 42.7% ABV


Having dealt in wine and spirit deals since 1835, the Ribot family’s first foray into gin began in the 1940’s when Manuel Giro Sr launched GIN MG, now one of Spain’s biggest selling gins. With this juggernaut firmly established, grandsons Mark and Manuel Jr wanted to assert their own ideas for a new gin and create a new type of gin, inspired by the Mediterranean climate and using locally sourced botanicals.


Gin Mare has long been the reference point for a gin that’s pushed the boundary of what a gin could taste like, with rosemary, thyme, olive, and basil included in the botanical line up. It’s unusual, savoury and incredibly well balanced.

To taste, juniper comes through with a burst of basil, before rosemary, thyme and coriander emerge. The combination is quite unique, making Gin Mare a much different offering to other gins on the shelf. It can be considered as being part of a very short list of “Herbal” gins, and when served with the right tonic, makes for a delightful aperitivo.

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