Gents Swiss Tonic - 20cl


Founder Hans Georg Hildebrandt, ex-chief editor of design magazines "The Ideal Home" and "Atrium" and a journalist with the Zurich "Sonntagszeitung", followed the Gin & Tonic revival happening around the world before deciding to turn his passion into something solid. He enlisted the help of his friends Patrick Zbinden, Ralph Schelling and Markus Blattner to fine tune his recipe before launching Gents Swiss Tonic. Designed and formulated to be the foodie's tonic, Gents is great in long drinks.

Gents Swiss Tonic Water -

Gents Swiss Roots Tonic Water contains Swiss beet sugar instead of corn sugar syrup and Sicilian lemon flavours. Quinine from the cinchona bark and yellow gentian from the Swiss Jura are also present in the mix and all combine to make a dry, light and slightly lemony tonic.