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Fynoderee Autumn Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


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There is something about island life that lets a little mystery remain. Sure, the internet has us all connected and it isn’t exactly difficult to get to the Isle of Man these days, but somehow, despite modernity making its insidious creep, the local people still have time for a good old fashioned fairy tale. And this, readers, is the tale of Fynoderee Gin, albeit with less fairies and more graft.

Husband and wife team Tiffany and Paul Kerruish just so happen to share their surname with the star of an old Manx tail – Kitty Kerruish. Kitty’s story is a long, mad, slightly rambling one that involved fairies and fairy courts and dashing princes and, ultimately, our sweet heroine dying because she makes the foolish mistake of falling in love. Gross. Kitty’s tail takes place at her family home – a pretty little cottage at the top of Glen Auldyn in the north of the island. The modern day Kerruish clan stumbled upon the story when researching the island’s flora, as its setting is currently home to a very interesting conservation project…