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Full Circle ARC Botanical Gin - 75cl - 45% ABV


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Full Circle ARC Botanical Gin is a Gin Kiosk exclusive!

A top pub quiz tip for all Gin fans is that the country that drinks the most gin in the whole entire world is the Philippines. If you sent all of the Gin made in the UK each year (including all the stuff we export across the globe), you’d just about have enough to cover consumption within the country. That doesn’t mean the gin they’re drinking is any good, mind. Well, until now, that is.

Full Circle Distillers is a brand new venture, making one of the only premium gins in the Archipelago and placing full emphasis on quality over quantity. Twenty-two of the 28 botanicals featured in the gin are native, with pomelo, mango, kamia flowers and ylang ylang amongst the amazing flavours packed into the gin.

In amongst the noise there’s plenty of room for juniper, too, but really it’s the taste of the tropics that hold court. It’s like a game of pass the parcel, with each sip unveiling a new, wild flavour. Sweet and fruity, but with a real local heat and a great smack of citrus, this is one for those who like their Gins to take them on an adventure.

To serve: East Imperial Tonic and a slice of mango.