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Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit with Bergamot Tonic - 20cl


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Taking inspiration from historic London duo the Franklin Brothers, Franklin & Sons has been making an inspired range of premium mixers since its launch in 2016. While the brand’s namesake sold soft drinks out of their family’s confectioners store back in 1886, the modern iteration has a much, much bigger reach.

The modern-day Franklin & Sons may have better equipment to hand, but it has kept that Victorian-thinking when it comes to inventing flavours. The finest quality ingredients are sourced from across the globe, with each bottle carbonated to a beautifully ebullient point of perfection.

This is zesty, bitter little mix, with the quinine, grapefruit and bergamot spinning around the mouth like a disco ball. It’s bright, loud and superbly refreshing and while we love it enough to say it deserves only the best accompaniment, it also has enough character to salvage that error-purchase gin that’s been sitting on your shelf for the best part of two years.