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Fishers Gin - 70cl - 44% ABV


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Fishers London Dry Gin is a coastal spirit with an adventurous heart.

Currently made at Adnams’ Southwold distillery (with the brand's own stills almost in action having been installed in January 2020), the producers use English seaside botanicals like spignel and rock samphire to imbue their drink with a strong sense of place.

Fishers Gin was founded by Andrew Heald, a drinks industry veteran who was struck with the inspiration to make a gin when wandering around Suffolk.

To nose, a rich, wet, herbaceous smell comes through. There’s a thick layer of spignel which provides a huge, highly distinct (cumin/caraway-like) aroma, that is further accentuated by bog myrtle. The coastal, verdant nature of the spirit carries through to the tongue; juniper isn’t immediately obvious to taste, instead the English botanicals shine. Spice hits the back of the tongue and the coriander brings a real, deep warmth to the citrus. Juniper as a singular ingredient isn’t obvious until the end, wherein the mouth is coated with a sharp, piny taste.

A great gin for those who like something with character and leaning towards being more herbal. Try it in a Red Snapper (Gin version of a Bloody Mary)

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