Fishers Gin - 70cl - 44% ABV


Fishers London Dry Gin is a coastal spirit with an adventurous heart. Made at Adnams’ Southwold distillery, the producers use English seaside botanicals like spignel and rock samphire to imbue their drink with a strong sense of place. Fishers Gin was founded by Andrew Heald, a drinks industry veteran who was struck with the inspiration to make a gin when wandering around Suffolk.

To nose, a rich, wet, herbaceous smell comes through. There’s a thick layer of spignel which provides a huge, highly distinct (cumin/caraway-like) aroma, that is further accentuated by bog myrtle.The medicinal nature of the spirit carries through to the tongue; juniper isn’t immediately obvious to taste, instead the English botanicals shine. Spice hits the back of the throat and the coriander brings a real, deep warmth to the citrus. Juniper as an singular ingredient isn’t obvious (perhaps a little more at the end), wherein the mouth is coated with a sharp, piny taste.

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