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Fedinand's Saar Dry Gin - 50cl - 44% ABV


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Thirty organic botanicals infused with Schiefer Riesling constitute the basis for this very interesting gin from Germany.

Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin -

On the nose, Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin has floral and grassy lemon notes. The grapes are recognisable too, along with soft juniper. To taste, the gin really comes to life, with lavender and rosecups coming to the fore and huge Riesling flavours in the mix.

The juniper doesn’t quite play second fiddle, but it’s much more subtle in this botanically intense gin.  The grape makes Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin stand out as something truly unique and while it's one that will be enjoyed by all gin fans, those who like to have their conventions challenged will do well to try this.

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