Elephant Sloe Gin - 50cl - 35% ABV


Elephant Sloe Gin - 50cl - 35% ABV

Elephant Gin is a handcrafted London Dry Gin inspired by Africa and made in Germany. With Africa as their theme, the inspiration behind Elephant Gin captures elements of 19th Century explorers and their journeys throughout the East African wildlife.

Elephant Sloe Gin

At the end of 2015, the Elephant Gin family grew with the addition of a sloe gin. An ABV of 35% places Elephant at quite a unique point in the market; the spirit is neither a liqueur nor a gin, rather a product that slips into the crack between both of them. It has a lot less added sugar, too, than most other sloe gins, making it a tarter affair.

The Elephant team use fresh, wild sloes, which they break before soaking in Elephant Gin for several months. The resulting liquid is unfiltered, so as to “retain the highest amount of aromatic flavour components,” explained Tessa. Because they break them – the stone inside is more exposed to the spirit, giving an even bigger marzipan note to the gin.

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