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East Imperial Yuzu Tonic - 15cl


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Inspired by a family recipe from 1903, East Imperial is the self-proclaimed Champagne of tonic waters. With two tonics on offer and made from premium natural ingredients, this Asian based brand produces in New Zealand (for the quality of the water) has crafted alternative tonics to cover two vast gin umbrellas. The Champagne comparisons aren’t just for show… Using a high-level carbonation, comparably to France’s premium elixir,  East Imperial is natural from start to finish with no preservatives to artificially carbonise either of the tonics.

As the only tonic water (that we know of) to source all key ingredients from Asia, Javanese quinine is blended with botanicals and lightly sweetened. Incidentally, the source where East Imperial handpicks Peruvian Cinchona from is the exact same genus that was employed by one of the company founder’s great grandfathers at their Kenyan plantation in 1903.

East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water -

Yuzu, found during the cooler months in Northern Asia, particularly Japan, is an aromatic sweet citrus fruit with distinct zesty flavour, often described as a hybrid between a mandarin and a Meyer lemon. Introduced to South East Asia at the turn of the last century, it brought a unique and exceptional citrus brightness and was soon embraced by the more discerning cocktail drinker. Based on our 1903 recipe, Yuzu Tonic is the perfect way to bring a touch of the exotic to any mixed drink. We recommend pairing Yuzu Tonic with traditional London dry gins and citrus-forward spirits.