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DYFI Pollination Gin - 50cl - 45% ABV


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The Dyfi Valley is one of those aggressively beautiful green spaces; the sort that knocks the air right out of your lungs as it charges your heart and body with fresh air and clean, green scenes. Hills bob and weave infinitely into the distance, while wildlife you’d never expect to see outside of Game of Thrones roam free. It’s no wonder, then, that when Pete Cameron moved there 35 years ago to study environmental biology, he sort of forgot to leave…

This is utterly delicious on the nose, conjuring intense images of grassy fields and summer meadows. Pollination Gin smells sweet, green, fresh and rich, with chamomile-like hints of gorse painting a vibrant picture. There isn’t a great deal of sappy juniper coming through; rather this feels like a modern interpretation of the spirit, sitting on the more grassy end of juniper’s spectrum. It’s a botanically-rich, naturally-flavoured spirit on the nose and arguably, one of the more distinct aromas we’ve had the pleasure of nosing in years.

The gin is both herbal and spiced on the tongue, as well as surprisingly savoury given its sweet smell. A candy coating comes through, but the gins (relatively) high ABV of 45% lends a lot of power to the more spiced botanicals, particularly cassia which is bright and loud. There is an overall leafy taste to Pollination Gin, but the caustic nature of lemon cuts it back along with a faint whisper of cooling mint.