Duck & Crutch Overproof Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


Considering the fact that it is made in a shed in Kensington, London, Duck & Crutch Gin is a much better product than it has any right to be. Exquisitely packaged in a showstopping decanter styled bottle and bearing a flavour that is incomparable to any other, this is a distillery well worth clamping your eyes to.

The flagship Duck & Crutch Gin showcases an amazing selection of botanicals – none so strange as to be silly, but definitely fairly unfamiliar in the Gin world. There’s Darjeeling tea bringing a soft, almost grassy citrus taste, walnuts adding an outdoorsy element and vanilla adding a creamy sweetness to proceedings. The Higher proof version intensifies all of the flavours, really serving to highlight the thyme qualities of the flagship.

To serve: Elderflower tonic and a twist of lemon.