Duck & Crutch Gin - 70cl - 45% ABV


Duck & Crutch Gin is an usual proposition, packaged in a decanter shaped bottle and made in a shed in West London by its co-founders, George and Hollie.

It really is a thing of beauty and it makes for a great gift, especially for those seeking to give a present that falls a little outside of the ordinary. We’re not talking just looks here, either; with walnut, Darjeeling tea and vanilla amongst the botanical line-up, this is very much a thinking outside the box kind of gin.

Vanilla brings a real creaminess to proceedings, whilst the tea adds a light bitter depth. The fresh thyme bring a huge lick of herbs to the finish and gives the juniper a chance to shine, culminating in the most luxurious, rich flavours resting in the mouth for what feels like hours after the sip.

To serve: Orange will bring out the early sweet notes.