Double Dutch Pomegranate + Basil - 20cl


Bursting onto the scene, Double Dutch Mixers are taking off at an impressive rate. With two mixers packed with flavour, from the Italian-like savoury Pomegranate and Basil or the refreshing  Cucumber and Watermelon - they are true alternatives for those looking for mixers to pair with gin outside of the context of traditional tonic. They don’t contain quinine and so for those put off by Gin & Tonic because of its bitter profile but don’t want to go for plain old soda or pungent ginger beer, these are for you.

Double Dutch Pomegranate + Basil -

 To create this mixer, they have combined Basil with the delicious red seeds from Pomegranate fruits. It’s a perfect harmony of the more pungent Italian savoury tones offset by the sweetness of pomegranate. Try it with Monkey 47 or Tanqueray No.10.



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