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Dolin Chambery Vermouth Rouge - 75cl - 16% ABV


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Dolin is one of the last independent vermouth producers and still follows the same recipes from 1821.  Chambery is the only controlled appellation in France for the production of vermouth and Dolin is the last producer of Vermouth de Chambery. 

Dolin's red vermouth has a very long history, punctuated with many prizes and awards. Its unchanged recipe formula is one of the drinks industry's treasures. 30 to 40 spices and botanicals are used to make it, with coriander, hyssop, rhubarb and curacao the better known ones those in their closely-guarded secret recipe.

This vermouth has an amber-like copper colour, gentle aromas of prunes and walnuts, with spicy aromas like Szechwan pepper just below. This very rich bouquet is tempered by a subtle bitter base wine.

There's a lot going on and that's exactly why it's such a revered sweet vermouth.


Complex, balanced, this vermouth pairs well across the gin category, but especially well with Navy Strength offerings. It's also one that allows for a bit of deviation to the classic equal parts recipe and can handle the addition of a splash of coffee liqueur alongside the Campari, or for those looking towards the big bitter notes of Fernet Branca.