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Death's Door Gin - 70cl - 47% ABV


What started as wheat to use as flour at the Washington Island Hotel has since grown into a select speciality grain for use in Capital Brewery’s Island Wheat Ale and all of Death’s Door Spirits products.

Since 2005, Death’s Door Spirits and Capital Brewery have supported the farmers’ efforts on Washington Island to expand the acreage of hard red winter wheat from five to 1,200, not to mention organic certification was achieved for all of the crops in 2010. Good going and a testament to the effort made by all involved to live up to the term craft distilling.

Predominant tastes of piney juniper berries emerge up front, with the customary spicy citrus notes from the coriander seeds next and a whack of fennel to boot. Tasted neat, there is also a touch of sweetness that emerges on the finish too. Bottled at 47% ABV, Death’s Door is a smooth, lively gin that shines in cocktails.

All American hero saviour story aside for a second, the gin’s worth seeking out on taste alone. It’s defiant and distinct, a feat that many gins fail to achieve. The fact that its focus lies on craft and locally sourced produce makes it a spirit with soul and adds authenticity.



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