Darnley's Original Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV

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Darnley's Gin is a family owned and run distillery based in Fife. Established by brother and sister team William and Isabella Wemyss, the project was born from a deep set fascination with botanicals.

There are three gins in the line-up, each geared towards a particular Gin drinkers palate. There's the Original, there's the Spiced and then there's the take-no-prisoners Spiced Navy.

Darnley's Original is one of our best selling gins, and with good reason. It is a transportive yet traditional take on the spirit, with all the usual suspect showing up alongside a brand new friend – locally picked elderflower. With just six botanicals included in the line-up one, one would be forgiven for expecting simplicity. It simple isn't the case, though; every single botanicals is given room to shine, with the elderflower in particular shining brightly above the din.

Initially floral, Darnley's Original quickly gives way to a bright citrus flush before surrendering to the juniper pine and coriander warmth. It's smooth as silk and absolutely divine, offering the drinker a light twist on the classic genre.

To serve: A sprig of lavender will up both the floral and herbal qualities. It's clever like that.