Daffy's Gin - 70cl - 43.4% ABV


Named for the purported Goddess of Gin, Daffy’s Gin launched at the tail end of 2014 and with slick packaging supporting a strong product, the gin has since grown quickly, leaving owners Chris Molyneaux and his wife Mignonne Khazaka fighting to keep up with demand.

The Edinburgh based duo began work on Daffy’s Gin in 2012, aiming to create a spirit discernible from others – one that could be recognised in much the same way as whiskies are. The process involved sipping variations a day (tough life but someone has to do we suppose…), building up a portfolio of tasting notes with potential tweaks for each until, three years later, there was a stack of 400.

To taste, a sweet, though zesty citrus bursts forth, and the roots  (angelica and orris) fill the cheeks. The citrus quells rapidly allowing coriander bringing its distinct warming lemony tone. Through out – Mint and juniper are co-conspirators again, never straying too far from one another and leading to an overall crisp, juniper forward feel. While the cassia bark isn’t obvious in the mix, it clearly helps prolong a lovely finish and is more discernible towards the end of the journey. The end is smooth, too – Chris has really met his aims here, creating a spirit that is very much gin, but quite distinct in its own rights.

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