Curio Gin - 70cl - 41% ABV


Curio Gin co-founder Rubina Tyler-Street has rather a strange reason behind getting into Gin making, and you’re going to want to sit down to read this bit: she just didn’t like Gin. Her mother-in-law, an avid juniper supper, very sensibly refused to get on board with such a notion, so sat her down to take her on something of a Gin odyssey. Rubina quickly learnt that how a gin tasted was entirely dependent on the botanicals that went into making it, and – full of intrigue – she began experimenting.

Coastal flowers hit the nose, bringing hints of sea salt and a splash of something vegetal. The juniper is fresh and clean, while the citrus adds a burst of light. A hint of the smoothness to come is within; the spices are undoubtedly present, but there’s no sting or burn, just a mixed bag of baking cupboard smells that are all at once sweet and dusty. The tag on the label says curiously distilled and while the distillation may well be actually a simple affair – their’s allure in the aroma and their spirt has our senses curious to say the least.

To taste, those baking cupboard elements rear up and charge, knocking the senses slightly askew. The tongue is dominated by an overall savoury taste, with seaweed providing a dark green leafy base upon which cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg dance, bringing both depth and warmth. Juniper is present throughout, though playing a more humble role, like a proud parent pushing their child into the spotlight. For those of a more sensitive disposition and tasting neat – stay tuned for the lime flower tea which adds a secondary citrus that seems to work to perfection with star anise. Overall, there’s more than just an enchanting nature about Curio – it’s got true character that holds the attention.