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Cuckoo Spiced Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


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Cuckoo Gin is a family affair, based upon Gerard and Cath Singleton’s farm in Brindle, Lancashire. Using a half made/half bought neutral base spirit, the team go to greater efforts than most to make their gin, from sewing the seeds to harvesting the wheat and barley that they then transform into the spirit base.

This means that the gin is flavoured long before the first juniper berry has been plucked, as home made base spirit always has a faint air of cereal about it – some nutty, sweet notes that add power to the overall botanical mix.

Clove, ginger, fennel, cinnamon and lemongrass add a warming zing to the sip, which goes from hot to less hot to hot again in a quick succession. It’s never cold, though, despite the cooling fennel. This is a spiced gin for spice fans – set to heat you up from the inside out. Thick with black pepper spice, this is a bold taste, although a faint petal pokes out in the din.

To serve: try it with ginger ale and a lavender sprig.