Cotswolds Dry Gin - 70cl - 46% ABV


Though made initially to resolve the cash flow issues of a whiskey producer, Cotswolds Dry Gin is far from a backbench project, fusing botanicals grown from within its home region’s stunning stretch of rolling hills with traditional gin flavourings. The result – a spirit that is both evocative and delicious.

Cotswolds Distillery is the brainchild of former hedge fund investor Daniel Szor. Szor, who moved to London with his British wife in 2006, bought a weekend home in Shipston-on-Stour and fell hard in love with the Cotswolds. It wasn’t until 2012, though, that he decided to open up a distillery in the area.

Fresh grapefruit citrus and floral lavender bursts forth, slapping us right round the nostrils. It’s dominating, but juniper is clearly discernible in the shadows, bringing a pine forest feel and a deep, resinous quality feel. Sweet grapefruit, lavender and angelica tickle the tongue, but black pepper takes a somewhat Fifty Shades of Grey approach here, dominating all other botanicals and lighting a fire in the palate. Juniper and lavender fight through on the finish; the juniper is strong and medicinal, while the lavender brings a floral-herbal hybrid taste.

Cotswold’s Dry Gin has a genuinely tasty and intriguing flavour journey. The black pepper and lavender bring a really unique element but it never strays away from being a classic, juniper-heavy gin with a refreshing kick and a characterful and endlessly oscillating sweet-spice duality. That high oil content comes into play on the mouthfeel too and at 46%, it’s smooth enough to sip neat.