Corner 53 Pomelo Gin - 70cl - 41% ABV


Corner 53 Pomelo Gin - 70cl - 41% ABV

Corner 53 Spirits is a distillery based on the corner of the South Downs that labels itself as a producer of “New Age” gins. Co-founded by ex-bartender Thomas Rudman and his friends Jamie Williamson and Richard Cope, this is a youthful team led by adventure and experimentation. There is no limit to what they will put in the still, with an endless realm of mad, brilliant and exciting flavours set to come.

Initially inspired by absinthe, Corner 53 was instended to be a wormwood led tipple. After bringing in lots of complementary flavours, though, the team realised that the Gin was heading in a direction all of its own, so they followed it down the rabbit hole and into a field of grapefruits, lemon, apples, pears and… asparagus.

This is so incredibly citrusy that it seems almost a surprise when the asparagus rears its head, issuing a reminder that it is indeed very much here. It’s utterly beguiling, evolving from citrus to herbal to extraordinarily fresh and fruity. Don’t get us wrong though, this is the tastebud equivalent of being steam rolled by a grapefruit – it’s everywhere. It’s loud, it’s brilliant, it’s lovely.

To serve: Fever-Tree aromatic and a sprig of rosemary.