Corner 53 Lemon Meringue Pie Gin - 50cl - 47% ABV


Corner Fifty Three is a distilling project 5 years in the making. Bearded bartender Tom Rudman, having spent 4 years mixing cocktails, just couldn't find his perfect gin. A family move to the heart of the South Downs and with the 'put up or shut up' cries of select friends ringing in his ears, Tom set about persuading his parents that Copper Pot Stills make fantastic garden ornaments.

In 2016 Corner Fifty Three was born. Over the following bitterly cold winter months, with the help of his father and a rapidly dwindling savings account, a crooked but very sturdy home was built. The distillery was finished just in time for the arrival of Rosie and Angus, our much loved, hand built, copper stills.

With Rosie and Angus moved in, the rest of the team was recruited from the ranks of the 'put up or shut up' brigade. Richard Cope, Cris Bowyer and Jamie Williamson all coming on board to help fill the gaps. Together they are building Corner Fifty Three around Tom's idea of independence, creativity and passion (and strong facial hair).