Corner 53 Cherokee Gin - 70cl - 41% ABV


Corner 53 Spirits is a distillery based on the corner of the South Downs that labels itself as a producer of “New Age” gins. Co-founded by ex-bartender Thomas Rudman and his friends Jamie Williamson and Richard Cope, this is a youthful team led by adventure and experimentation. There is no limit to what they will put in the still, with an endless realm of mad, brilliant and exciting flavours set to come.

Corner 53 Cherokee Gin is the one that inspired it all. Taking the lead from Bourbons and Tennessee Whiskeys, the 53 team sought to capture the sweet elements within these spirits. They couldn’t quite emulate that, so instead they chose to build a gin around the sweetness of maple spirit.

With sarsaparilla, herbal and vanilla notes, as well as a healthy dose of orange, this is a real standout gin. Sweet and easy, with a candied banoffee pie quality, this is a divine flavour journey, delving from sasparilla strangeness to apple and pear familiarity. Juniper is admittedly shy, hence the New Age title, but fans of botanical adventures will be quickly enamoured.

To serve: Keep it to cocktails – this works particularly well in a Martinez.