Botanical Tasting Wheel Mat - pack of 10


The Gin Foundry Botanical Tasting Mat is a product designed for all of your gin tasting sessions, should they be solo pursuits or a group activity. There are numbered places for your glasses to sit, helping you to keep track of what you’ve poured and allowing you to taste spirits ‘blind’ with no branding influence steering the senses.

In the middle of the mat is the Gin Foundry Botanical Tasting Wheel - a tool designed to help gin fans understand and articulate the flavours they are experiencing within a gin. Working your way from the inside out, you'll use flavour zones and adjectives to work out the botanicals you're tasting.

There are now 160 botanicals mapped around the edges of the wheel, making this the most complex and involved flavour map of its kind.

The mat is printed with a gloss finish, so while it is not entirely waterproof, it can certainly withstand a fair few gin-spilling sessions.