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Caorunn Gin - 70cl - 41.8% ABV


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Caorunn is Scotland's best selling gin, and with good reason; the team are hands on, friendly and engaging. They want to get to know their drinkers, so they have an open door policy at their home – Balmenach Distillery – and they work to educate consumers on everything that goes into making a decent drop of Gin.

Caorunn Gin is vapour infused, meaning that rather than cooking in the still, the ingredients are left raw. The alcoholic vapour passes through them, collecting their flavours and oils. This is all done very slowly, to let as much flavour infuse into the gin as possible.

There is such as a thing as 'a Scottish taste,' with ingredients like rowan berry and heather commonplace in Gins made north of the border. Caorunn carries that proud Celtic twang, but it is also met by the fruity juiciness of fresh coul blush apples.

This is a crisp, dry and well-balanced gin with such an exceptionally strong body. Everything explodes onto the tongue like popping candy – there's spice, bright lemony citrus and a crisp, clean apple finish. These all work to complement a dry juniper note, that never dominates but hums beneath, holding everything in place like a puppeteer.

To serve: Indian tonic and fresh red apple.

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