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Bullards London Dry Gin - 70cl - 42.5% ABV


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When Bullards Spirits’ co-founder Craig Allison was offered the chance to buy a 120-litre still, he couldn’t quite resist the temptation. Until then he’d been running a Gin palace in Norwich, and serving up Spanish style copa glasses to thirsty customers had given him a good idea as to the diversity within Gin. He bought the still and roped his friend Peter Smith in for distilling duties, the only rule being that the gin must include tonka, a mad, mystifying ingredient that Allison had previously baked into fudge.

The flagship product, Bullards Norwich Dry Gin met those aims with distinction, but it wasn’t long until the duo decided to get out the recipe book again and start conjuring up some new spirits. Before long, a Strawberry and Black Pepper addition was born, followed by an Old Tom and an aged addition.

Bullards Norwich Dry Gin has a soft creaminess, along with a distinct, but brittle, cardamom. It’s an enticing smell, with a bright, grassy quality and a big, pine-tree juniper. With time, spice builds into a crescendo, though a splash of tonic does wonders to dispel this, resulting in a soft, sweet G&T that will hold wide appeal.

To serve: Classic tonic and an orange wheel. Or embrace the Tonka and go for full on gourmet with a Pink Peppercorn/Aromatic tonic.