Botanical Tasting Wheel


Botanical Tasting Wheel version 3 is now available.
Wheel does not come framed (or watermarked as per image).

The Gin Foundry Botanical Tasting Wheel is a tool designed to help gin fans understand and articulate the flavours they are experiencing within a gin. Working your way from the inside out, you'll use flavour zones and adjectives to work out the botanicals you're tasting.

Never ones to shy away from a mighty task, the Gin Foundry team have upped the ante with Version 3, colouring the edges with almost double the amount of botanicals seen in previous versions. They've also catered to the ever-increasing raft of countries producing gins with a big handful of botanicals from the likes of Australia and South Africa.

There are now 160 botanicals mapped around the edges of the wheel, making this the most complex and involved flavour map of its kind. It's as simple as ever to use, though, so whether you're putting it to task this in the bar or the kitchen, you're bound to gain a better understanding of how flavours work in a very accessible format.

As ever, the Botanical Tasting Wheel will be printed on beautiful, textured card, so whether its a print to put in a frame or something you want to touch, grab and – inevitably – spill gin all over, it'll look and feel beautiful. The dimensions are 24cmx24cm.