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Blackwater No.5 Gin - 50cl - 41.5% ABV


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Blackwater Distillery, established in early 2015 by Peter Mulryan, was one of the earliest craft distilleries to open in Ireland. As far as setting the bar goes, he gave all that followed in his wake a huge goal to aim for, as his flagship gin, Blackwater No. 5, was a mightily impressive feat.

Named for the river that runs through the distillery's home town, Waterford, Blackwater Distillery is a gin that celebrates not only locality, but history. The river was a huge shipping route, and in Victorian times merchants would bring all sorts of exotic ingredients into the area.

Some of these – juniper, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice and nutmeg – have made their way into the mix, though juniper still sits up front. It's as classic as they come, with the spices, coriander in particular, creating a finish that lasts long, long into the night.

To serve: Classic calls to classic – try it with Indian tonic and a slice of lemon.

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