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Bathtub Navy Strength Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


Master of Malt’s Bathtub Gin is made using a technique called cold compounding. Technically speaking, compound gin involves flavourings (such as botanicals) simply being added to neutral grain spirit and then filtered out before bottling. Although there are many other technicalities surrounding how it is done, ABV content etc… in layman’s terms – compound gins just infuse whereas distilled gins infuse and then distil.

Bathtub Navy Strength Gin -

Bathtub Gin Navy Strength is quite a flavour explosion. With similar botanical contents that lead to a warm, soft juniper and orangey citrus notes, there are certainly links with their flagship gin. The Navy Strength pushes it all one step further and combines its high 57% ABV with spices and other botanicals that make it stand out and burst at the seems with flavour.

It’s easy to see this gin working in a hot toddy or in anything that needs a big flavour kick. The alcoholic strength adds to the punch but it’s the amount of dried spice and curried flavours that set this gin apart. It’s like being hit in the face by a firecracker during Diwali and to date, there really is nothing like it on the market.

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