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Bathtub Gin - 70cl - 43.3% ABV


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The Ableforth's range of spirits is wide and varied, from brandy, to rum to absinthe. Every one of their products is a long drawn, stand out affair, and each brown paper-clad bottle positively demands of its new, lucky owner: I'm yours, open me.

It's their Bathtub Gin, though, that will really win you over. Harking back to Gin's inglorious days, this cold compounding gin has all the adventurous spirit of the past, but none of the… you know… wretched stuff. Cold compounding is a very old method indeed, and in layman's terms it means that the botanicals have been left to infuse into the spirit and merely filtered out, rather than put through the still again. As such the ingredients are raw, loud and alive in your glass.

Bathtub Gin is juniper-rich and stupidly  smooth, with thick, waxy orange coating the mouth in a protective blanket, meaning that the clove, cinnamon, cardamom and coriander spices come through soft and delicate, as though baked into a cake. It's smooth, earthy and almost outsdoorsy, the perfect gift for someone who likes their flavours bold.

To serve: A gin as complex as this deserves a bit of a dual garnish to coax out the flavours. We'd serve with Indian tonic, a handful of rosebuds and a couple of additional, lightly crushed cloves.

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