Audemus Pink Pepper Gin - 70cl - 44% ABV


Audemus Pink Pepper Gin - 70cl - 44% ABV

Made by Audemus Distillery in the Cognac region of France, Pink Pepper Gin is genuinely one of the most exciting, baffling and luxurious gins we've had the good fortune to encounter.

Its creators, Miko Abouaf and Ian Spink, never actually sought to create their own gin; they wanted to create spirits third party, but in order to show off their distilling and creative stills, they happened upon the recipe for Pink Pepper Gin. It was so popular amongst family, friends and all test subjects that they had little choice but to go ahead and release it.

It's gourmand in a glass, with vanilla and tonka creating a rich padding around the piny juniper and the fiery pink peppercorns. Bright and spiced, this is probably the only gin in the world that will have you close your eyes as you sniff and feel as though you've just walked into a twee French bakery.

To serve: contrast the sweetness with a lemon peel or alternatively, keep the overall balance and add a bay leaf into the mix.

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