Finding that perfect bottle of gin isn’t an easy thing to do. You’ll have plenty of preferences that make up your ideal gin, but you’ll need to try an array of gins before you buy your favourite. As one of the leading gin festivals in the world, Junipalooza 2018 is set to enthral visitors from across the UK with its vast array of gins on offer.

If you’re looking to find, discover and buy the latest craft gins that you’ve discovered from the event, <a href="">Gin Kiosk</a> will be the destination for you at Junipalooza. The June event, organised by Gin Foundry, will offer you everything from small distilleries that have created craft gins to larger companies that want to show off their latest blend.</p>

One of the UK’s favourite and Europe’s most loved gin festivals in Tobacco Dock, London

Purchasing craft gins doesn’t have to be difficult when you visit this two-day festival in the capital. You’ll be able to speak to the creators of these gins to discover where they have come from, what the stories are behind them and what flavours you should be tasting.

To discover and buy craft gins from the leading distilleries and creators in the UK and Europe, Junipalooza 2018 is the only event you’ll need to

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