We all know the temptations that can come from a simple text that states, “Fancy going for a drink?” There’s a burst of adrenalin in your veins as you reply with a stern ‘No,’ but you may be tempted. How can you go for a drink and not drink? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinking alternatives for you to discover, drink and enjoy with friends and family in 2019.

At Gin Kiosk we understand that the New Year can spawn a wide range of resolutions and promises for the year ahead. These could be to stop spending so much money in the pub, stop drinking alcohol for January or test your own resolve for a while in 2019. Whatever the reason, we have the right solutions to help you at home when you fancy something to tickle your gin tastebuds.

What is the Duchess Virgin G&T?

The moreish nature of alcoholic drinks such as G&Ts and cocktails makes them difficult to completely ignore during the year. However, there is a way to achieve the delectable taste and texture without the alcohol. That’s exactly what the Duchess Virgin G&T drink aims to do. It is made with the combination of aromatic botanical extracts and natural sweeteners to provide you with a fresh and tasty alternative to a usual alcoholic beverage.

To discover more about our non-alcoholic alternatives at Gin Kiosk, keep an eye on our website throughout 2019 or speak with us today.