The process of making sloe gin has always been a traditional one. While manufacturing has changed, sloe gins that have the kick of alcohol and exciting flavours derived from sloe berries. At Gin Kiosk, we can provide you with the perfect sloe gin to buy for the best G&Ts this summer.

Sloe gin is made by distilling sloe berries in gin and sugar. This is then turned every week for at least three months in a cool, dark place. The result is a beautiful red coloured liquid with an enhanced alcoholic content. To become a sloe gin, the EU dictates that it has to be at least 25% ABV. You’ll certain feel the strength and unique taste of sloe gin with our selection.

Here’s two different sloe gins to try this year:

  • McHenry Sloe Gin, 26%: Over twelve months of work goes into creating this beauty. Tasmanian sloe berries are picked, pricked and kept in solitude over this time to create a distinct flavour.
  • Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, 37.8%: The name goes someway to describing how this gin slips down your throat. The deep, dark colours give you something herbal and fruity to enjoy.

To find out more about our sloe gins and how we can deliver to you, get in contact with our team today.