We are always on the hunt for something special, unique and different when we source our latest collections of gins. Our ability to source the various textures and flavours from distilleries the world over makes us an ideal destination for gin lovers.

At Gin Kiosk we are dedicated to getting to grips with those unique flavours and telling you just how big they could be for your cocktails and G&Ts. With the summer incoming, make sure you get your hands on something unique, such as these three new gins online which are certain to transform your drinks:

  1. Corner 53 Lemon Meringue Pie Gin: Sweet and textured with that smoothness that only a light and gorgeous dessert can bring. This lemon meringue pie gin is iconic and staples Corner 53 as a big player in the independent distillery world.
  2. Hills & Harbour Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail: Smoked pineapples and burnt oranges come bursting out of this distilled drink. A wonderful sipping drink over ice or a niche addition to a cocktail.
  3. Poetic License Rarity Pink Grapefruit & Tonka Gin: Whether you consider it wacky or inventive, this combination deserves a mention. It’s a mixture that could be set to light up your gin drinks this summer.

To get your order in at Gin Kiosk in time for the next BBQ, picnic, garden party or gathering you are hosting, get in contact with us today.