Competitiveness is something written into everyone’s DNA. It kicks in at different stages, but it is always there. That’s why we love to create fun and enjoyable competitions for our customers to join in and participate with at Gin Kiosk. One such initiative is the Kiosk Cup – a competition that pits your favourite bottles of gin up against each other until there is one winner remaining.

If you have a favourite gin or a special affinity with a certain distillery you can help them and their chances of winning the Kiosk Cup simply and easily on our online store. All you need to do is make any purchase of that bottle of gin and it will count towards the grand total they have accumulated. This will be the decider in who wins in that particular knockout game and progresses to the next round.

When is the Kiosk Cup?

We are running the second-ever Kiosk Cup from now until August – when the final winner will be announced. Before then, the six-month competition will give you a chance to see your gin navigate the rounds towards the August finale. Knockout rounds mean that your gin might not get through if you choose not to order your preferred gin through our online store. You can keep up to date with the latest results on our website.

If you would like to find out more about the Kiosk Cup and our latest offers, get in contact with us today.