The Kiosk Cup Finals. August 24, 2019. The date is set. The location of The Courtyard on Fulham High Street is confirmed. The next thing to do is secure your tickets, get ready for the best cocktails and make sure your favourite gin is the winner come the height of summer. Our gin competition, Gin Kiosk, has been running since February and will come to a head at the end of August, but how can you stay in the loop up until the grand finale?

On our website at Gin Kiosk, on top of being able to source your favourite bottles and discover a range of deals and offers from those taking part in the competition, is the place to be for all things about the Kiosk Cup. We are updating the schedule each month to whittle down the fierce competition down to the final two – the two which will battle it out at our special event in August.

How can I support my favourite gin during the Kiosk Cup?

Take a look at those gins remaining since the April round and pick your favourite. All that it takes is to keep a keen eye on those gins and distilleries hoping to win your custom with special offers and deals. Come back in May to see who is left in the competition!

To find out more about the Kiosk Cup and to get tickets to our final event, speak with the team today.