If you have made a few promises to yourself about alcohol at the beginning of 2019, you will be looking for alternatives and options that can help you through each stage. Whether you are craving a gin and tonic or you are tempted to have a bottle of gin on standby, make sure you choose our alcohol-free gin set at Gin Kiosk which will help you to beat away the temptations.

A gin-free January and February could be just what you need to refresh your outlook on life and help you to enjoy alcohol on special occasions during the year. At Gin Kiosk we are passionate about providing everyone with a wide range of options on our online gin store – such as the Duchess Virgin G&T set.

What are the ingredients in alcohol-free gin?

The pre-mixed Duchess Virgin G&T is a great way to taste the subtle textures of gin without the kick of alcohol. The mixture of botanicals which are used in the creation of gin are combined with a fine tonic to make every bottle a delight.

Using juniper berries which have been re-distilled and creating layers and layers of flavour encompassing orange peel, all spice, star anise, cloves and cardamom. Available in packs of four bottles, the Duchess Virgin G&T could be your ideal accompaniment through 2019.

Find out more about our alcohol-free alternatives at Gin Kiosk by getting in contact with us.