Despite a ruinous reputation dating back to the 18th Century (thanks for that, Hogarth), Gin is a remarkably sociable drink: the makers are fascinating, the drinkers are curious and the superfans are always, always willing to share everything they know about the spirit with fellow sippers. As such, we thought it was high time we launched our own meeting of minds for Gin fans.

Welcome to our new, no strings attached Gin club – Gin of the Month. The idea is simple: each month we’ll be putting a spotlight on one Gin/Distillery that we think is really, truly brilliant. We’ll send out a newsletter giving you a bit of backstory and botanical information, and if you think you like the look of it, you buy a bottle. Simple.

Here’s the social aspect – at the end of each month, we’ll be hosting a tasting session in our HQ, complete with G&Ts and cocktails. For those not able to reach London, we’ll also be hosting a live social tasting on Instagram and giving you the recipe for a bespoke cocktail so you, too, can find some brilliant, emboldened ways to serve the gin.

The first gin we showcased was Port of Leith Distillery’s Lind & Lime Gin. Initially we were wowed by its bottle (and so were our subscribers, who all but sold out our first lot), but the taste and the story won us over. It’s great stuff, and It has certainly launched with a bang in our shop.

Gin of the Month is your way to experience something new, as part of a community, without committing to any long-term arrangements. There’s no risk of trying something you’ve already tried before, nor are you likely to buy something you don’t like the sound of. Keep an eye on your inbox to see who’s up next, or head to our homepage to get involved with this month’s activities.

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