The tension, the drama and the inevitable glory is just around the corner. Will it be Hendrick’s Gin, Monkey 47, Pothecary Gin or Four Pillars Gin? The Kiosk Cup is getting towards its business end to coincide with the World Cup in Russia. Although the game on the field can’t be influenced by how much you shout at the TV, the Kiosk Cup could be impacted by your actions.

Purchase your favourite gin from our online store at Gin Kiosk to bulk up the sales of that particular bottle of gin. The Gin World Cup is an event that will whittle down 64 gins down to the best one on our website. When you make any qualifying purchase for the Kiosk Cup you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a case of the winning gin and a case of London Essence Co to match!

Enter yourself in the Gin World Cup to have a chance of winning with us

We all want to enjoy our summer in the garden with a glass of gin and mixer. Whether you’re a lemonade, tonic or juice drinker, you could be dropping your favourite bottle of gin into your glass. Simply purchase your favourite bottle of gin before the 31st July to be in with a chance of winning a case all for yourself.

To find out more about the Gin World Cup, speak to our team today.